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Cazzi Miei

A story, a book-truth, much more than a simple autobiography.
The bad thing is that the dark is cold. Because it is a cold ever felt. I embrace with plush, go down and sound the first door I find. It’s spring, it seems, there is a cherry tree that seems white … is a cherry? I do not know what a cherry tree but it certainly makes the cherries when the flowers leave. Maybe I’m a cherry tree. I climb inside me to get on, to see the nearest heaven.

Mondadori, 216 pages, ©2016

Stati d’Anima

What happens when a great rock start meets up with a great writer?
Gianna Nannini
In this case it lead to the creation of a symphonic and powerful book. Two authors (Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Nesi) and artist Alberto Bettinetti, alias Zanzara, who worked on the illustrations. She is Gianna Nannini, one of the most authentic and lively rock artists in Europe. He is Edoardo Nesi. A refined author, translator and director of our times. What do they have in common? Both were born and bred in Tuscany, they love the beautiful things in life, neither like being politically correct. Their meeting has been turned into a book that talks about themselves and their present lives. “Bello e Impossible” is the name of the book written with Nannini.

Bompiani, 424 pages, ©2009


IO is an autobiographic snapshot with no regrets, ruthless, raw.
IO is an anti-diary made of rapid streamline strokes of an artist’s brush, ones that interweave with intimate confessions and public engagements, magical encounters and furious battles, in collaboration with a line up of outstanding Musicians such as Annie Lennox, Sting, Jack Bruce, and with directors like Michelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gabriele Salvatores, Enzo D’Alo’.
IO is a paper vinyl where Gianna Nannini records her moods in an ongoing conflict of the senses, heartbeat after heartbeat in search of the perfect pulse, the one that leads to the creation of a new song. ON itunes IO

Rizzoli, 177 pages, ©2005 1° edition, reprint ©2006


“Rock woman” and cream puffs, Teresa De Santis’s magnetic diary, Playing Gianna Nannini’s body. In appendix discography, videography and bibliography. Rock and passion, lucid transport and tender irreverence: for thirty years the figure of Gianna Nannini within the collective imagination of the Italian song covers this difficult role with soundness. This volume reconstructs in detail the recording career of Gianna Nannini focusing on the technical and critical characteristics of each of his albums, but also on custom and color news about his countless singles and the rare – but passionate – collaborations with other performers, from Edoardo Bennato to the Timoria group.

Muzzio editore, 139 pages, ©1991 1° edition