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Before the tour in Italy Gianna he will perform 'as "very special guest" in the framework of Rock meets classics which plans 19 dates between March and April accompanied by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague tour.


The December 1, 2014 comes Hitalia who gained the top spot selling albums and just a month after its release is now Platinum disc.


Following its release on 15 January 2013 Inno, the new album of original songs by Gianna Nannini, immediately became one of the best selling albums, anticipating the Inno Tour that would kick off in Rome on 14 April and end in Germany on 27 July, with performances in the main Italian and European arenas and stadiums.


2012 – November 15th Gianna gains Premio Elsa Morante in Parole in musica category. December 7th La fine del mondo is released, this first single anticipates INNO, her brand new album to be out on 15th January 2013.


The very much anticipated album IO E TE is out on January 11th, produced by Sony Music. The album was entirely recorded in London at the world famous Abbey Road Studios and it features the London Orchestra . the record was produced by Will Malone. In just a few days the album becomes a best seller earning a double platinum.
On march 3rd Gianna Nannini attends the opening of an exibition dedicated to Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Maxxi Museum in Rome.: she performs live, creating a vocal installation designed together with Pistoletto himself, named “Terzo Paradiso Mama”.
On march 24th Gianna attended the Echo 2011 – German Music Awards in Berlin as a special guest.
On april 29th Gianna opened “Io e Te Tour 2011” playing in Milan, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Acireale, Eboli, Caserta, Perugia, Bologna, Verona, Villorba, Bolzano, Florence, Pesaro, Genoa, and Turin. The tour ended with a total of 170.000 tickets sold all around the country.
On june 25 she started the European leg the tour, “Io e Te Tour 2011 – Europa” playing a special show at the Hard Rock Calling Festival, then taking off to playing 14 shows in main cities in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
On september 2nd, at the Serpentine Gallery in London, Gianna went to meet the directors of the museum together with Michelangelo Pistoletto and performed in the Peter Zumthor paviIlon playing her vocal sculpture Terzo Paradiso Mama.

On 19th November, Gianna Nannini received the Pyramide con Marni award during the UNESCO Gala held in Dusseldorf.


On June 21st she releases her double DVD of the project "Amiche per l’Abruzzo” which becomes the best-selling DVD in Italy with record numbers, preceded by the single Donna d’Onna on sale on the digital platform. All proceeds, together with those generated by the concert the year before, will be donated to the Abruzzo populations hit by the earthquake.
On May 28th she performs on stage at the Wind Music Awards where she sings Sei nell’Anima, sings a duet with Giorgia and receives an award for her album GIANNADREAM.
She plays herself in the film "Genitori e Figli" by Giovanni Veronesi performing a track called Maledetto Ciao and a new song entitled Sogno, written specifically for the film, for which she received a nomination for the Silver Ribbon awards.


She releases her new album GIANNADREAM – Solo i sogni sono veri, once again in collaboration with Wil Malone, which contains 10 brand new tracks (over 400,000 copies sold).
She joins a number of the most famous singers in Italy in recording a track called Domani 21/04/09, where all the proceeds went to the earthquake victims in Abruzzo.
On June 21st she sings on stage at San Siro during the "Amiche per l’Abruzzo” all-female concert, along with Pausini, Mannoia, Giorgia and Elisa; she writes a new song for the occasion entitled Donna D'Onna and makes a debut performance during the concert. All proceeds were donated entirely to reconstruction projects in Aquila. On September 13th she holds a rock symphonic concert at the Arena di Verona with Will Malone’s London Studio Orchestra; three live recordings were made that night and included on the album entitled EXTRADREAM.
She writes the soundtrack for the film "Viola di mare", with Valeria Solarino, which also gets nominated for a Silver Ribbon.
She writes a track called Salvami which she sings with Giorgia, and does a remake of I Maschi with Ornella Vanoni.
On December 21st, and for one day only, RAM presents the exhibition by Gianna Nannini and Emilio Prini, "Fotocopiami la voce" at BunKerat, where the theme of Gianna’s Sound Installation dedicated to the voice.
She attends the 5th edition of the “Festival Teatro Canzone Giorgio Gaber".
She sings at an event called "O'scià", organised by Claudio Baglioni in Lampedusa aimed at raising public awareness on the issue of immigration.
Bompiani issues a book entitled "Gianna Nannini, Stati d’Anima" a book with texts and photos with Gianna’s thoughts, a story by Edoardo Nesi with visual designer Alberto Bettinetti.


The track Colpo di Fulmine written by Gianna Nannini and sung by Lola Ponce and Giò di Tonno wins the Sanremo Song Festival.
In February, the "Forma e Suono” project is held at BunKerat in Milan, where RAM radioartemobile presents the works by Getulio Alviani and Gianna Nannini, "Mi meraviglio di te"
She is the opening act for Bon Jovi in Germany during their "Lost Highway" tour and receives an outstanding reaction from the crowds.
She joins Fabri Fibra with their single In Italia, and sings with Pacifico Tu che sei parte di me.
She receives a nomination for the Silver Ribbon in the "Best Original Song" category for Pazienza (soundtrack of "Riprendimi").


This the year of PIA, a modern lyrical opera (libretto by Pia Pera) composed by Gianna 12 years earlier. While waiting for the opera to be staged by David Zard, she releases the album PIA COME LA CANTO IO, again with the musical co-production of Wil Malone. The album represents a sort of anthology of the Opera, where Gianna’s voice interprets all the characters. These and other texts of the Opera are included in a concert tour throughout Italy; the Arena di Verona concert in the rain became an epic event, in addition to the two nights in Rome which were completely sold out.
She participates in the album "Danson Metropoli – Canzoni di Paolo Conte" by Avion Travel, where she sings Elisir with Paolo Conte.

The album GIANNABEST is released (in a few months landing Diamond), a collection of her greatest hits, accompanied by three new songs. The ghost track of the 1st record, Sola con la vela, is the first song written by Gianna when she was in her teens, and the song she sang at many talent shows at the time.
Concerts were held in many Italian stadiums and theatres across Europe, achieving a full house at every event. In London she performs at the famous Shepherd's Bush Empire. During the tour, Fabri Fibra sings the new version of the final rap in Baccano.
The track, Pazienza, is chosen as the soundtrack to the film "Riprendimi" produced by Francesca Neri.
In the United Kingdom she releases the single Sei nell’anima in English – entitled Hold the Moon.
A work entitled "Superficie in ceramica" by Carla Accardi and Gianna Nannini is presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow. The work consists of a porcelain tile floor, with alternating green and cobalt blue decorations on a white background. The music by Gianna Nannini, created to accompany the steps of the public was recorded in the Red Square in Moscow.
In July she sings at the Tune Festival, a music festival held in London, in the splendid venue of the Institute of Contemporary Arts, together with outstanding artists from all around the world.
Meravigliosa Creatura and Aria become the soundtracks for the Fiat Bravo television adverts.
The Sound Installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Gianna Nannini, "Il Terzo Paradiso" was presented on November 19th at the NCCA (National Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Moscow. The Sound Installation/event sees performances by the Orchestra di Stracci from Pistoletto and the "vocal sculpture" Mamma by Nannini.


The album GRAZIE is released, co-produced by Wil Malone, and shoots to the top of the Italian charts, landing Diamond after just 6 months; at the end of the year it will be the best-selling album in Italy, winning the "Best Album of the Year" at Festivalbar. The second single becomes the summer smash hit of the year.
She receives the "Ricci d'Argento" award from Fatti di Musica for the best live performance of the year.
The track Sei nell’anima becomes the soundtrack of the film by Giovanni Veronesi "Manuale d’Amore 2 – Capitolo Successivi", the single Grazie also becomes a soundtrack for the film "Quale Amore" by Maurizio Sciarra.
She sings the song Ama credi e vai with Andrea Bocelli.
She also sings O 'surdato' nnamurato in "Promenade" by the Solis String Quartet.


She publishes her first book with Rizzoli: IO "autoscatto senza rimpianti," anti-diary written to the rhythm of rock.


This is the year PERLE is released, with 12 repertoire tracks and a new track called AMANDOTI, an acoustic cover version of the song by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti - CCCP (also used in the movie "La Vita Io Vorrei"). PERLES lands Platinum in Italy and Gold in Switzerland.
The "Perle Tour" commences in theatres with two pianos, one played by her and the other by Christian Lohr, and the Solis String Quartet (Neapolitan string quartet).


On two occasions she goes to Baghdad to give her contribution to the reconstruction of the Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Music.


The meeting with Isabella Santacroce led to the creation of AIR, which blends her melodic Mediterranean rock with a contemporary electronic pop-rock.
She is receives a Silver Ribbon awards for the soundtrack of "Momo and the conquest of time."
Consistent with her ongoing commitment to disarmament, and her usual discretion, in order to avoid any exploitation, and in response to the events of September 11th Gianna attends the Peace March from Perugia to Assisi without official recognition.


She writes the soundtrack to the animated film by Enzo D'Alo, "Momo", where the first 18 minutes are screened during the International Film Festival in Venice.
Syria releases her own version of the song OCCHI FRAGILI.
Gianna moves to Catania for a few months where she works with a post-punk trio from Catania and the writer Isabella Santacroce.


She sees in the new millennium in front of 500,000 fans in Turin.


The partnership with the producer Fabrizio Barbacci (Ligabue, Negrita) leads to the release of CUORE and the start of a long artistic collaboration with Wil Malone (The Verve, Depeche Mode, The Who, Dido, Massive Attack) who manages the strings on the album. The video clip of UN GIORNO DISUMANO is censored for its disturbing scenes.


She participates in the "Short Opera" project alongside Andrea Bocelli.


Her second official anthology is released BOMBOLONI, landing Platinum in Italy and Gold in Switzerland. Her brother Alessandro also appears in the video for the single carrying the same name as the album.


She launches her third album DISPETTO, in collaboration with Dave M. Allen, preceded by the single Meravigliosa Creatura broadcast by every radio station after midnight on January 1st.
Gianna's commitment to civil and humanitarian causes expands further: she performs at the “Concerto di Solidarietà per gli Immigrati” (Solidarity for Immigrants Concert) at Cinecittà on stage with, among others, Pino Daniele, Jovanotti and Luca Carboni, and at the "Concerto per il Tibet" in Turin, where she stars alongside Timoria, Nomadi and a choir of 16 Tibetan monks. She then starts her Extravaganza Club Tour, organised using solar energy only. This project marks the start of her collaboration with the Greenpeace activists, and in July of this year she becomes the star of a most unusual episode: at 11:40 am, with a "commando" of activists, Gianna climbs onto a balcony of the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, more precisely the French Embassy, and holds an impromptu concert in protest against its decision to resume nuclear testing in Mururoa.


She graduates in Philosophy at the University of Siena with maximum marks and honors and a thesis entitled “Il corpo nella voce - Relazioni corpo-voce in una prospettiva di antropologia musicale”. "The Body in a voice – body-voice relations in the perspective of musical anthropology".
On May 1st she sings at the traditional labour day concert in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome with a debut performance of OTTAVA VITA.


She releases her new album X FORZA E X AMORE, an radical folk album with songs inspired by the "Cantar Toscano” experience, produced by Dave M. Allen. The final rap section of the single RADIO BACCANO is sung by Jovanotti. In the same year she works with TIMORIA and records a song by the NOMADI - VAGABONDO.
She starts a club tour, with the sole exception of the concert in Alessandria in favour of Greenpeace.


The success of the triumphant tour in 1990 is documented by a live album and a long form video called GIANNISSIMA. Meanwhile, she continues to perform in concerts throughout Italy.
She takes part in the "Cantar Toscano" project at the University of Siena, where she performs traditional folk songs of her region.


The album SCANDALO is released, produced by Dave M. Allen (The Cure) and recorded made with a band of musicians from different European countries; once again, Gianna fills half the stadiums in the whole of Europe. She continues her collaborations and puts her name to Madonna Welt and Spiriti Amanti with Piero Pelù, and Sorridi and Due Ragazze in Me with Roberto Vecchioni. The album is distributed in Europe, South America, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong.
In the same year she participates in the project organised by Roberto Cacciapaglia "Un Giorno X", a video work with the Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra; she also participates in Lorenzo Ferrero’s musical "Night" in Munich.


Gianna collaborates with Edoardo Bennato on the text of Un Estate Italiana, with music by Giorgio Moroder; the song was used as the title theme for the Italian 1990 World Cup, with all royalties related to the text donated to Amnesty International.


The album called MALAFEMMINA is released, co-produced with Alan Moulder (Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails). The album is preceded by the single Hey Bionda, which is used as the Festivalbar title song. The album is distributed in Europe, South America, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa, landing Platinum in Italy and Switzerland.


this is the year of consecration for Gianna: she releases MASCHI E ALTRI, her first collection of hits, selling over half a million copies in Europe. The album is then released in South America, South Korea, Israel, South Africa and Australia.
The single PROFUMO even reaches number one in the hit parade in Greece, but the video is censored in view of the Orthodox Easter celebrations.
The song I MASCHI makes its debut at the "World Popular Song Festival” in Tokyo.
Gianna Nannini is also the star in a Philips advert for Metalalkaline batteries with the song AVVENTURIERA.
On May 1ST she takes part in an exceptional concert: she sings alongside Sting and Jack Bruce at the Schauspielhaus in Hamburg with a selection of songs by Bertoldt Brecht and Kurt Weill. The show is broadcast by RAI and many other European TV channels.


In the wake of such amazing international acclaim, the new album, PROFUMO, is released throughout Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, South Korea and Japan selling over 1,000,000 copies.


Her first live album TUTTO LIVE is released with recordings taken from concerts in Berlin, Montreux, Siena, Locarno and Dortmund. The album is released in Europe, Australia, South America, USA Canada and South Korea.
She takes part in the charity project "Musica Italia per Etiopia" with the song Volare.


PUZZLE is released and the song Fotoromanza, whose video clip bears the signature of Michelangelo Antonioni, is the song of the summer and wins at Festivalbar, Vota la Voce and a gold Telegatto prize. The album went platinum in Italy and Fotoromanza tops the hit parades in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
Her spring European tour is enormously successful: the Italian tour followed on during the summer of the same year. A few concert venues worth a mention: Berlin, Montreux Jazz Festival and Cologne.


She plays the role of Titania in the first film directed by Gabriele Salvatores - Sogno di una notte di mezza estate"; she also collaborates on the soundtrack of the film together with Mauro Pagani.


The meeting with producer Conny Plank leads to the release of LATIN LOVER, which involves the collaboration with musicians such as Annie Lennox, Jackie Liebezeit and Hannett Humpe. This fifth album is a huge success all over Europe: it lands Gold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Platinum in Italy.
In October of the same year, she performs on the legendary Rockpalast Essen stage (5 hours Eurovision live coverage) alongside Kid Creole & The Coconuts and Little Steven.
The album is not only distributed in Europe, but also in Israel, Mexico, Paraguay, South Korea, USA and Canada. Vieni Ragazzo and Come un Treno are part of the soundtrack of the film by Michelangelo Antonioni, "Identificazione di una donna".


After the release of GN an experimental album produced by Roberto Cacciapaglia, Gianna meets Peter Zumsteg, a manager of vast international experience, and together they found the self-managed independent label Gienne. Their collaboration lasts twenty-three years.
They compose the soundtrack for the film "Sconcerto Rock" by Luciano Mannuzzi produced by Bernardo Bertolucci, the track called ORA is used for the movie trailer and a video clip is also produced.


She releases a new album CALIFORNIA, a rock record that - with the single "America" – took her straight to the top of the charts in Germany and Northern Europe in 1980. The album went platinum in Italy and gold in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Her first important collaborations start to develop, such as the one with PFM. She releases her second album, UNA RADURA. She invents her first piano-vocal concerts.


She is noticed by the historical record company Ricordi, with whom she signs her first contract and releases her first album, GIANNA NANNINI, distributed in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.


At the age of 19, and 7 years of conservatory behind her, she leaves home and goes to live in Milan where she performs in many 'off' clubs.


She captures the attention of Number One (Claudio Fabi and Mara Maionchi) and is signed up as the female voice of the Flora Fauna Cemento group with which she writes and records Stereotipati Noi, the track with which she participated in the Un Disco per L’Estate event


Gianna Nannini was born in Siena on June 14.

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Noi potremo rivelare i dati personali in presenza di casi particolari nel caso ritenessimo che la comunicazione di tali dati si renda necessaria per identificare, prendere contatto con o intraprendere un'azione legale contro chiunque possa (intenzionalmente o meno) pregiudicare i diritti di proprietà intellettuale di quelli indicati alle precedenti lettere a) e b). Noi potremo rivelare i tuoi dati personali anche in altri casi in cui noi prudenzialmente, agendo in buona fede, riteniamo sia richiesto dalla legge.


Tu puoi scegliere in ogni momento di far cessare l'invio di ogni ulteriore comunicazione da parte di GNGMUSICA o da chiunque altri noi condividessimo i tuoi dati (come sopra descritto) seguendo le istruzioni relative presenti in calce ad ogni messaggio inviatoti. Se tu preferisci, potrai esprimere tale richiesta anche attraverso l'invio di una mail (proveniente da quella da te registrata) all'indirizzo ************. Tu hai sempre il diritto di accesso ai tuoi dati da noi conservati. Per ottenere una copia di tali dati dovrai inviarci apposita richiesta con firma autografa e copia di valido documento di identità presso la nostra sede sociale (indicata all'inizio della presente policy).


In the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provisions shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that this Agreement shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto pertaining to the subject matter hereof, and any and all written or oral agreements heretofore existing between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement are expressly canceled. SME may modify the terms of this Agreement by posting notice of such modification on the page of this website entitled "Legal Notices" or "Legal Information" (or similar title) before the modification takes effect.


Il nostro sito potrà contenere link ad altri siti web che non sono sotto il nostro diretto controllo e non sono regolati dalla presente policy. Se tu accederai a tali siti utilizzando i predetti link, gli amministratori di tali siti potrebbero raccogliere tuoi dati personali e processarli in forme differenti da quelle qui previste.

VARIAZIONI ALLA NOSTRA PRIVACY POLICY Noi potremo modificare, parzialmente o totalmente, aggiornare la nostra policy in ogni momento. Noi indicheremo ogni variazione aggiornando la data in capo al documento. Noi ti chiediamo di rivedere periodicamente la presente policy.

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